Francisco D Gomes

Erase Migraine Headaches Forever

My name is FaFa I’m a Unconditional Love Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master and Shamanic Healer since 1996. My Specialties are Psychic Surgery to take away New or Old injuries and Distance Healing by prayer to make your ailments vanish, Coronavirus has taught me to practice Social Distance so I've decided to focus on Distance Healing to Help Support my Healing Ministry. One of my favorites is making Migraine Headaches Vanish Forever for Only $25 no matter where you live by using Paypal for payment. 
All you have to do is Type in your name, click the PayPal Buy Now Button  below and your Migraine Headaches will be gone within 24 hours of payment.
        Psychic Surgery Healing,  Other Forms Of Healing and Hypnosis to Get Rid of Addictions are done at my Office upon request.                                      Visa /Mastercard Accepted                               
 Please Note: This not to replace any Medical treatment. If you are having an Medical emergency please call 911 Immediately…

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                                                  350 Hukilike St & Hoohana St
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